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introduction and history

Arybal honey with a beekeeping history of over 30 years, formally established since the early 1387 and came into operation and has official licenses by the Department of Agricultural Jihad of East Azerbaijan province with 45,846 beekeepers code and by Food Control Department of the province with construction license 21/13972.


The origin of Aribal honey is Aronagh area of Anzab in Shabestar city in the foothills of mountains Alamdar and mishoo, and location of factory is at the entrance of Daryan city , a function of Shabestar cultural city which is about 70 km away from the center of East Azerbaijan Province.


Processing natural honey with best traditional methods and by using advanced science and technologies, processing honey from natural hives and completely sanitary packing and with great quality, meet the needs of customers with different tastes, is maintaining bailment in the delivery of honey completely natural and without additives, is promotion of natural honey processing industry by supporting local producers and job creation for hordes of young people.

Foundersand Directors

Aribal honey founders are Abbas Ali Daroochi Daryan (with thirty years experience in beekeeping) and Mohammad Ali Gharib (food expert with over 15 years experience) and Mehr Daryan food company.

Mohammad Ali Gharib

Foundersand Directors

food expert with over 15 years experience

Abbas Ali Daroochi Daryan

Foundersand Directors

with thirty years experience in beekeeping

Choklate Anish

Mehr Daryan Industrail Food

with thirty years experience in beekeeping