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Aribal Honey-Sesame Cream Productions


Dear consumer:

We are grateful and pleased for your choosing Aribal Honey-Sesame Cream for consuming or as a gift for your friends. Definitely you will have a permanent delicious taste  and flavor through using Aribal –Sesame Cream.


Aribal is an Azari language word which is composed of two words, Ary means honey bee and BAL means honey which in slang is meant Bee Honey.

The history of the Co.:

Aribal Co. having in record of apiculture for more than 35 years  was established  and was officially exploited since Mar. 2008 and our Co. received  the official permits from the Jihad Keshavarzi and the dept. of Food supervision of E. Azarbaijan Province ( The assistant Dept. of Food and Medicine).Our complex Has taken action in the direction of producing the new productions on the basis of honey considering the health of the consumers and estimating their needs.

Introduction of Aribal Honey –Sesame Cream Productions:

The following productions are produced and presented  in ROYAL SHAHD DARAYN Co. in 3 types as follows:

۱-Honey-Sesame Cream whose   ingredients are composed of the natural honey, AARDEH (Ground Sesame), Sesame and the other permitted food additives.

۲-Honey-Saffron sesame Cream whose ingredients are: The natural honey, AARDEH (Ground Sesame),Saffron Pick and the other permitted food additives

۳- Honey-Pistachio sesame Cream whose ingredients are as follows:

The natural honey, AARDEH( the ground sesame),ground pistachio and the other permitted food additives.


If  You have consumed one of the three types of the honey-Sesame creams you may order  the other types for more relishing and changing taste and experience the different odor and flavor and more food value.

The way of consumption:

You may consume Honey-Sesame Creams specially for breakfast, along with the afternoon tea and also at the middle of your having meal times  along with rice or wheat bread  and adding one Jam-spoon of it to one cup of tea or with one glass of warm milk.

One Jam-Spoon of  this rich food ,in spite of  therapeutic uses  which have been mentioned  as follows can  supply energy equal to 48.2 Kilo Calories of your daily body energy.

Honey-Aardeh (Ground Sesame):

This production because of containing AARDEH is full of Vitamin E ( Anti oxidant) and it is effective in lowering the Blood cholesterol  level  and it contains the non-saturated omega oils including omega 6 which decreases the high blood tension. Natural honey has been used while producing the mentioned production which has brought about  a production with a very high food value  as the result of blending the two valuable foods that supplies most of the daily necessary vitamins and minerals for your body. The main property of the range of SHIREH (Boiled Condensed Grape Juice) and AARDEH being full of energy is  considered as the best  food  for the winter season that the body needs for more energy to warm itself.

The uses of sesame:

Sesame is a rich source of protein and it has a high food value. Each spoon of sesame is supplier of 14% of the daily need of the body for calcium. Using 50 gr. Of sesame   supplies 25% of the daily need for Folic Acid. Sesame seed has 20-25% of protein , 50% oil and with the same proportion amount  has linoleum and oleic acids. Sesame is considered as one of the most useful sources for absorbing Ferro, Zinc and calcium. This seed is the source of herbal Ferro which is useful for overcoming fatigue. Also using this herbal seed can be very  useful for the persons who are suffering anemia and Ferro loss. Aardeh with Grape Shireh (boiled condensed grape Juice) is source of  being fattened  and strengthener of Sex Potency and it is indigestible. It maturates abscesses and infected wounds, Tranquilizes Ach and recovers member stiffness, it is hot natured , Sesame  and Aardeh are used in the treatment of liver and kidney also it is useful for the treatment of bones aching and joints aches. 


The uses of Aardeh:

Aardeh is a kind of food which is prepared from the ground sesame. Aadeh ,by itself, is a complete food for each time of meal specially for the breakfast and it doesn’t have any additives, including chemicals of non-chemicals i.e it is 100% natural. The main ingredient and the only consistent ingredient is sesame. It is a liquid which is prepared from the peeled, and non-skin and fine ground sesame and its oil is not isolated.


The history of Sesame:


Sesame seeds oil  is one of the most ancient seeds oil which was  recognized by the human and used for food and consumed as medicine. The history of planting sesame goes back in time for 1600 B.C. in BEINALNAHREIN   on the valley of Dejleh and Farat Rivers. The recent  archeological excavations in Turkey shows that  The sesame seeds was planted  in the Imperial domain of Urartu, which is called Armenia , between 900 to 700 B.C. and sesame was produced  and sesame oil was isolated from it and it was presented for the people’s use.

Planting and  Producing Sesame:

At present the production of sesame  through out the world amounts to 2 million TNS each year whose main part is used for the production of sesame seed OIL. China is the first producer in the world and after that ,in order, are India, Abyssinia( Ethiopia),Nicaragua, Sudan, Mexico ,Guatemala and finally  the North America .In Iran sesame is planted in limited amounts whose seeds 90%  are used for oil isolation and Preparing Aardeh  for Aardeh Halva (Ardeh Sweet Paste) and a limited amount of it is used as seed. In Europe and North America sesame oil is  greatly used for margarine Production and for the production the other edible oils and with high quality. Those who believe in using the kind of oil with lower cholesterol  and the diet  for decreasing cholesterol use sesame oil and this has lead to the increase in the demand of sesame oil for using it through out he world.Because the sesame oil is one of the rich sources of the non-saturated   oils which , regarding the case, it is considered in the diet.

Nutritive   Minerals / Material in each 100 gr. Of Aardeh
Energy 2049 K. Calories (595 K. Jules)
Carbohydrates 21٫19 g
fat 53٫76 g
Protein 17٫00gr.
Water 3٫05 Gr.
Vit. A 67 IU
Vit. B1 (Thiamin) 1٫220 m. gr. ( 94%)
Vit. B2  (Riboflavin) 00٫473 m.gr.(32%)
Vit. B3 ( Niacin) 5٫450 m.gr. (36%)
Vit. B5 (Pantothenic Acid) 00٫693  m.gr. (14%)
Vit. B6 00٫149  m.gr. (11%)
Vit. B(Acid Folic) 98 µ gr. (25%)
Vit. B12 00٫00 µ gr.(00%)
Ca 426 m.gr.  (43%)
Fe 8٫95 m.gr. (72%)
Mg. 95 m.gr.  (26%)
Mn. 1٫456 m.gr. (73%)
P. 732 m.gr.  (105%)
K 414 m.gr.   (9%)
Zn 115 m.gr.  (5%)
4٫62 m.gr. (46%)
The percents are Relative

Sesame Therapeutic Properties:    

Sesame has abundant therapeutic properties. It is a rich source amino acid  which halts the aggression of the tumors and helps recovering the liver intoxication, Kidneys and body immune.

It a very rich source of Mn. and  Cu. It is also considered as a valuable  and rich source regarding ca., Mn.,Fe., P., vitamin B1 ,Zn. and also  food fibers .Sesame is effective  in treating insomnia. It  has anti inflation of Joints and  rheumatism and also it has anti cancer property.

Sesame is useful for each man, woman, adult or minors for continuing life and long life. Its effect upon renovation of the body old cells is very rapid and its facilitation of thinking its effect is admirable and it is unique in recovering the diseases such as :Cancer, Tuberculosis, Anemia. In the modern life  that human brain functions more than the other members of the body sesame must be more essential in  the everyday diet.

Saffron pick:

Saffron is  a multi-year herb heighted  approximately 30 cms. Which has long and green leafs the same as the leek’s. Its underground stem  is composed  of two  spring onions. These spring onions are hard, round and pulpy and are covered  with thin brown covering. Saffron flowers are pink, tidy, and it consists of long pipe  which leads to 3  petals and sepals.

The uses of Saffron:

It is Ach alleviating, Brings about nerve system  stimulation, Saffron is hematopoietic and facilitates the blood circulation., strengthens the sex potency, Treats and strengthens Liver, Recovers coughing and has a useful  effect on bronchitis Treatment. It Cleans kidneys and the bladder. It  is tranquillizing   and drowsing,

Saffron is anti-spasm. It recovers the  flatulence, It is diuretic.


Pistachio is a kind of plant. This plant grows in countries such as Iran,Syria,Turkmanistan,the West of Afghanistan. Using pistachio  is very useful in preventing the cardio-vascular diseases. Also it is useful for tranquilling and systematic heart beating and also it is useful for tranquilizing the nerves system and decreases the blood high cholesterol.


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