1Do you know the types of honey available on the market?
Original honey: The best type of honey that bees collects it from the nectar of flowers and plants. Fed honey: In addition to the nectar of flowers and plants that bees collect, beekeepers feed them with sugar syrup. Industrial honey (fake) : it is a sweet liquid like honey from a combination of Essence, commercial glucose, sugar and citric acid.
2What are the ingredients of honey
Honey contains sugars such as glucose (rapid energy factor) and fructose (long energy production factor) and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, chloride, sodium, sulfur, iron, phosphorus, copper, zinc, iodine and vitamins such as B1 , B2, B3, B5 , B6 and C.
3how to keep honey
never keep honey in refrigerator. Moisture spoils the honey. So if you use honey with water keep it in refrigerator for a maximum of two days to avoid being sour, or add some lemon juice to it. Never boil the honey directly. The best container for storing honey, is the jar. never store honey in metal containers, unless it has a cover. Honey can be stored in plastic containers, but is not recommended by us. When removing the honey from the container, never use hot or wet or greasy spoon.
4Can Diabetics Eat Honey?
Most diabetics have this question in their mind. In the fact for diabetes mellitus , Consumption of honey is just as harmful as sugar. Please note that the use of honey as extra sugar in their diet is not allowed because the honey contains both fructose and glucose
5Why is crystallized honey? (Do crystallized honey is harmful to health?)
Honey is a supersaturated sugar and one of the key enzymes called Diastase. if honey be kept in between (7 of 14) temperature, honey in an environment with a temperature between (7 of 14) attracts very fine particles dissolved in honey and after forming the core, honey become Crystallization, and this is only a physical state, such as the freezing of water. So there is no effect on the properties and the quality of honey .put honey container in hot water and heat gently until it normalizes . So crystallized honey due to its natural. You could not find any natural honey unless it will crystallized in future.But the time depends on the type of plants and the amount of moisture in the honey and temperature that honey is kept. So Consumers not to be worry about it, and it can be consumed in liquid form or a crystal. Of course, honey, just like any other food, require its conditions and is recommended to keep it in dry and a warm place (like room and kitchen temperature) and does not need to be refrigerated. This is not honey turned bad, or anything that is affecting the taste or quality of the honey. You may find you like it in this state!! It spreads on toast or bread without dripping off. It won't run off the spoon as you take it from the jar to your hot drink. To turn it back to a liquid, pourable state, use gentle warming of the jar in hot (not boiling) water. Honey doesn't need to be stored in the refrigerator. This speeds up the crystal formation.
6What is Honey?
Natural Honey is said to the honey that Honey bee made it after feed on different flowers and plants . In other words honey is a sweet and Concentrated thing that collects by bees from the nectar of flowers and then reshaped and stores in bee wax cells. Honey bees are an innate intelligence that diagnosis useful Flowers from useless. They all come with great interest to the healing herbs and flowers . Extracts from them and give us their best. This honey is completely natural and full of life-saving food and nutritional needs and can include all. Because the bee make all the minerals and vitamins in the flower to the form of honey. The quality of natural honey is several times higher than artificial honey that bees has been fed with water and sugar. Any change in the honey makes it fake. Like adding a series of materials. In general, the fake honey were prepared and distributed by 2 way at the community. A) Part of honey, is fake. 1- With the help of bees: in this case beekeeper feed hive with a mixture of water and sugar and hive saves water and sugar in honey combs. Then The beekeepers sell honey drains with the price of natural honey. This is very much in favor of beekeepers For two reasons: First, the sell sugar in 2 thousand toman per kg as the price of honey . Second , it takes a long time that bee collect nectar of flowers and to search in a large areas and bring it to the hive and then make honey from it. But beekeepers with feed them cause it will be filled soon and faster way to sell on market . Recently, with the increasing awareness and demand for natural honey Some people Kndvdaran are marketed honey with the comb closed. A)This type of honey combs are up to 90 percent of fraud cases, because the same shoulder stuffed with a mixture of water and sugar maked by bees. Without the help of bees: in this case your honey beekeeper with a concentrated solution of water and sugar and is marketed.B) Honey is totally fake. B) In this way it is totally fake and can be build from Fruit juices such as palm, blackberry, etc., or of glucose (sugar syrup), starch, etc. This honey does not taste of real honey. Artificial honey made from the juice of fruits, chemicals and similar compounds are natural honey from the condensed water through artificial fruits and industries have been achieved. This type of honey, without the intervention of bees, sugar, sugarcane and sweet fruits like melon, watermelon, pumpkin and dates are produced. It's not common, but in some countries it is customary. The diagnosis: for an ordinary consumer, there is one way to identify honey. to uses the senses. an eye test used to evaluate appearance, with nose smell and taste of it. color and consistency of honey are not determining factor for the quality of the product because the concentration and color of honey varies depending on the climatic conditions of its production, however, natural honey flavor is flowers. Agriculture report of Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), honey is the most rich foodstuff in beneficial nutrients and vital materials such as organic materials, minerals, natural sugars, vitamins that bees produce it by suck the nectar of the flowers then adding several types of enzymes and chemical action, after that liquefy a sweet, refreshing ,performance-enhancing and healing that is called honey. Although honey in traditional medicine plays an important role but did not attention to it in our country and also neglected aspect of treatment to this product has been unpopular in the family food basket. Consumers say that one reason is introduction of fake honey Lack of good honey on the market. In the meantime, consumers signs for identification of fake honey : Some people believe that fake honey will crystalline, opaque and illuviation, the fake and Natural honey remains healthy and clear but it is not true. Iranian consumers think that a good, pure and natural honey color is dark amber, such as opal and tighten like glue and if one day left in the refrigerator, not crystalline, and if it is removed spoon of droplets which flows for continuous beam and not stop. Some people recommend special techniques to identify good honey that its foundation is unknow. Some of those are: Put the matches next to honey, pour a few drops on newspaper and so on that none of these cases are accepted for honey scientists and nutrition science. It must be understood that scientifically accurate identification of natural and artificial honey via finger, spoon or tasting is impossible and It is the task of the laboratory.